US Cavalry horse

Feb 21, 2020

Storyboard, sketch on tracing paper.


Aug 26, 2019

Dawn horse concept sketch for an equine show.

João I de Castela

Jun 13, 2018

João I de Castela (Juan I de Castilla), top shot as a knight on his warhorse

Custer's Hill storyboard

Jun 24, 2017

Rough Storyboards for the US Cavalry Museum. Outnumbered, Gen. Custer’s and his men retreat toward what is know today as Custer’s hill, chased by Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors

rough Storyboards for the us army center of

May 17, 2017

Rough Storyboards for the US Army Center of Military History – Fort Riley, Kansas (US Cavalry museum). Surprised in an ambush, and outnumbered, Reno orders his troops to dismount and...

no title

Sep 3, 2016

7th - US Cavalryman patroling city at the end of the Civil War

Cavalry charge

Jul 22, 2016

Reno charge with his men at Little Bighorn Battle

Portfolio redesign

Jun 23, 2016

Working on redesign for @FilmStoryboards portfolio site.

preparatory sketch

Apr 24, 2016

US Cavalryman patroling the Arizona desert/US Mexico border. Preparatory sketch.

Karl der Große

Apr 12, 2016

Croquis. Palais imaginaire de Charlemagne, Musée Communal d'Herstal, Liège.

Battle of the Greasy Grass

Apr 8, 2016

Battle of the Little Bighorn, Custer's Hill, storyboard.

Rifle pit

Apr 7, 2016

Flight of the Nez Percé, rifle pit at Bear Paw.

Wounded Knee

Apr 3, 2016

- Miniconjou Lakota - 7th Cavalry - Ghost Dance - Spotted Elk - Wounded Knee - Teepee - American Indian Wars

Cow Island Landing

Mar 28, 2016

Historical sketch, Nez Percé War, Cow Island Landing, Samuel D. Slurgis

Nez Percé War sketches

Mar 27, 2016

Episodes from the Nez Percé War, within the American Indian Wars, from sketchbook: Big Hole Battle, Cow Island landing Chief Joseph surrenders at Bear Paw near US Canada border, Nelson...

1st rough

Mar 20, 2016

1st rough, Battle of the Washita River.

Battle of the Washita River

Mar 19, 2016

Battle of the Washita River — second rough Storyboards for an historical Illustration.

the 7th cavalry at fort riley first draft

Feb 27, 2016

The 7th Cavalry at Fort Riley, first draft.

Bear Paw

Feb 27, 2016

Bear Paw, September 30, 1877. Chief Joseph handles his rifle to Gen.Oliver O. Howard and Col. Nelson Miles: “I will fight no more forever”.

september 1877 shooting rifles from behind rocks

Feb 22, 2016

September 1877. Shooting rifles from behind rocks, Nez Percé warriors hold the advance of Major Lewis Merrill’s battalion at Canyon Creek, Montana.

Rough sketch

Feb 7, 2016

Cavalryman at the US-Mexican border.

First rough

Dec 31, 2015

First rough for an Illustration about the Little Bighorn battle.

Little Bighorn sketch

Dec 14, 2015

Rough sketch for an Illustration about the Battle of the Little Bighorn—from Sketchbooks. - Little Bighorn - US Cavalry - American Indian Wars - Battle of the Greasy Grass -...

preparatory sketch

Sep 23, 2015

Preparatory sketch.


Sep 16, 2014

14th century Castilian knight


May 5, 2014

Too bad they never signed their own contract for this job, dozens of Storyboards and concept drawings ready to ship, cancelled… You can’t have work for hire if you don’t...

knight preparatory sketch

Jan 30, 2014

Knight preparatory sketch for Atoleiros Battle animated Storyboards.

Knight study

Jan 29, 2014

Knight study for Atoleiros Battle storyboard.

Horse study

Jan 28, 2014

Horse study for Atoleiros Battle animatic.

Aljubarrota battlefield

Nov 4, 2013

From the battlefield of Aljubarrota, visited years after it took place by the narrator, Fernão Lopes, royal chronicler, and his page, to the deathbed of Ferdinand I of Portugal in...

Digital painting

Sep 21, 2013

Digital painting concept for an equine show.

horse show Storyboards

Aug 3, 2013

Horse show Storyboards.

equine show Storyboards

Aug 3, 2013

Equine Show Storyboards.

Fernão Lopes

Jun 4, 2013

Fernão Lopes, the narrator, and his page, visiting the Aljubarrota field years after the battle.

14th century knight

Apr 17, 2013

14th century knight; still image from animatic.

14th century Castilian knight

Apr 16, 2013

14th Century Castilian knight, layer for praxinoscope project - suit of armour study.

Animation test

Apr 15, 2013

Animation test for the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre project.

John I of Castile

Apr 11, 2013

John I of Castile in suit of armour, on horse.

animatic for interactive audio guides

Apr 6, 2013

Animatic for interactive audio-guides for the Aljubarrota Battle Interpretation Centre. More Illustrations and info from this projects can be found in this Film Storyboards post

Animatic for the CIBA

Mar 26, 2013

Animatic for the Aljubarrota Battle Interpretation Centre (CIBA) in Portugal.

Pen and ink illustration for an exhibition

Mar 22, 2013

Pen and ink Illustration for an exhibition praxinoscope

Drawing in passes

Mar 17, 2013

tracing the same drawing a countless number of times if necessary

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