Apr 8, 2021

Carte pour le frontispice de Massada de Sylvestre Sbille, Éditions Plon, 2021.

2021 Greetings

Jan 1, 2021

Best wishes from @FilmStoryboards. Thanks to everyone who helped during 2020!

Ghent Station

Nov 7, 2020

Illustration done with LUON for EuroStation.


Aug 22, 2020

First iteration Agency: LUON Client: 24Vision

Alfieri Maserati portrait

Jul 5, 2020

Design for Classiche Masters, in collaboration with Onno Hesselink.

WIP illustration for Supply

May 27, 2020

This is a WIP illustration for Supply, an e-commerce theme with Gumroad integration built with Jekyll and Tachyons. ✅ Supply documentation microsite: ✅ Supply’s repository on GitHub: (MIT...

Supply WIP illustration

May 14, 2020

WIP sketchWip illustration for Supply, an e-commerce theme for Jekyll.

Confinement calendar(s)

Apr 15, 2020

SARS-COV-2, also know as the novel coronavirus that leads to COVID-19 illness is no joke. Quarantine proved its ability to relieve our healthcare system of some of the pressure it...

Advocaat van de Duivel

Nov 4, 2019

Illustration in courtroom sketch style for 2Be's Advocaat van de Duivel, featuring Jan Jaap van der Wal, Philippe Geubels & Alex Agnew. Client: 2BE Production: Benuts Agency: Famous

Alfieri Maserati portrait

Sep 16, 2019

Icon design, collaboration with Onno Hesselink.

Eurima White Paper session

Apr 8, 2019

White Paper Session, commissioned by EURIMA.

Lost in VR

Jan 13, 2019

An illustration I did for a friend.

EuroStation annual report

Jun 22, 2018

Pencil sketch about circular economy, for EuroStation annual report. Agency: LUON

Poisonous Catwalk

Jan 25, 2018

concept-Illustration: Illustration

Character Design samples

Jan 10, 2018

Character design samples

alternatyves — Drawing is Writing

Apr 6, 2017

alternatyves — Drawing is WritingAfter a long break, my Illustration and design site, is back online. Check back in the coming weeks as I tweak the design and add...

Illustration for luon

Mar 3, 2017

Illustration for LUON.

Zeppe en Zikki — character design guidelines

Feb 15, 2017

Zeppe & Zikki — Character Design & guidelines. Zeppe & Zikki animation is made with both puppets and 2D animation. Client: VTM Production: Roughcut

from the Illustration side

Jan 26, 2017

From the Illustration side…

returning to Illustration soon

Dec 19, 2016

Returning to Illustration… soon.

Drawing for Ello Mobile's December newsletter

Dec 15, 2016

Drawing for Ello Mobile’s december newsletter.


Dec 3, 2016

Now something completely different.

Un million d'Euros

Nov 4, 2016

Grâce à ses utilisateurs, Ello Mobile a franchi le cap d’un million d'euros (!) de bénéfices reversés à des organisations caritatives. Merci aux utilisateurs d'Ello et merci à LUON pour...

Een miljoen WIP

Nov 1, 2016

Work in progress, Illustration for the Ello Mobile family.

Unpublished Ello Mobile drawing

Apr 26, 2016

Unpublished Ello Mobile drawing. This version, smaller, was preferred. Here is another Easter Bunny Illustration for Ello, and the 2016 Ello Easter Illustration

I aim to transmit the word directly by means of

Apr 14, 2016

I aim to transmit the word directly by means of ordinary telegraphic wire. In the future, two merchants will be able to discuss their business instantly from London to Calcutta....

Ello Mobile Easter 2013

Apr 13, 2016

Ello Mobile Easter 2013 Illustration.

Retro futuristic illustration

Apr 13, 2016

1950' style retro futuristic Illustration based on this quote: I predict that movies will gradually replace textbooks in the classroom. THOMAS EDISON, 1922 Client: 24Vision Agency: LUON

Wounded Knee

Apr 3, 2016

- Miniconjou Lakota - 7th Cavalry - Ghost Dance - Spotted Elk - Wounded Knee - Teepee - American Indian Wars

bilan Ello Mobile 2015

Mar 24, 2016

Bilan d'Ello Mobile 2015: 871 845 euros de bénéfices pour la bonne cause.

rough web Illustration mockup

Mar 18, 2016

Rough + web Illustration mockup.

game theory

Mar 2, 2016

Game theory.

Concept illustration

Jan 5, 2016

concept-Illustration: Acrylic + gouache + roller + paper Now something completely different.


Dec 31, 2015

concept-Illustration: Unfinished gouache / collage on cardboard. Unfinished gouache on cardboard.

Ello Mobile prepaid databundels

Dec 19, 2015

Er is goed nieuws voor klanten met een voorafbetaalde kaart: ook jullie kunnen nu surfen voor het goede doel. Kies gewoon tussen bundels van 1 GB, 2 GB of 5...

Web illustration

Dec 15, 2015

Retro-style Illustration for 24Vision

Ello envolope

Dec 3, 2015

Illustration for Ello Mobile welcome pack.


Nov 17, 2015

From sketch.


Oct 19, 2015

concept-Illustration: Run. Gouache on paper.

Storyboarding in vectors

Oct 11, 2015

Storyboarding in Adobe Illustrator

concept sketch for a sculpture

Oct 2, 2015

Concept sketch for a sculpture.


Sep 25, 2015

The latest Ello Mobile newsletter Illustration is for the Medibus project.

Illustration for Ello Mobile

Aug 11, 2015

Illustration for Ello Mobile’s August 2015 newsletter.

Ello Mobile newsletter August 2015

Aug 10, 2015

Drawing for Ello Mobile’s newsletter, August 2015. Channeling Hergé.

Trade Policy illustrations

Aug 7, 2015

Graphic assets for DG Trade.

overview of eu trade policy

Aug 6, 2015

Overview of EU Trade Policy.

illustrated elements preview for dg trade policies

Aug 5, 2015

Illustrated elements preview for DG Trade policies explained in drawing project. Agency: ESN Production: Benuts

old school

Jul 6, 2015

Old school.

visuals for stunt truck decoration for the house

Jun 25, 2015

Visuals for stunt truck decoration for The House of Dancing Water, Franco Dragone’s show in City of Dreams, Macau.

rough layout for a web illustration

Jun 23, 2015

Rough layout for a web Illustration. Client: 24Vision Agency: LUON

Omzeil illustratie

Jun 20, 2015

Ello Mobile June’s newsletter Illustration. Drawn from this preparatory sketch.

Sketch for a web illustration

Jun 15, 2015

Sketch for a web Illustration.

Omzeil cartoon sketches

Jun 10, 2015

Rough Sketches for Ello Mobile’s newsletter. The newsletter title reads: “Omzeil jij te hoge roamingkosten?” which roughly translates into “How can you avoid high roaming rates?”. The word “Omzeilen” means...

retro future Illustration

May 29, 2015

Rejected Illustration.

an Illustration for 24vision

May 27, 2015

An Illustration for 24Vision — site design by LUON.

Happy Easter

Apr 6, 2015

Happy Easter.

Charitable calls

Jan 27, 2015

To start 2015, Ello Mobile, Belgium’s first mobile operator to donate 100% of its profits to charity—has new tariffs. If you are in Belgium and use a smartphone, it is...

slideshow drawn for ello mobile

Jan 2, 2015

Slideshow drawn for Ello Mobile.


Dec 22, 2014

Concept Sketches.

Vector illustration

Dec 14, 2014

Vector Illustration for an Ello Mobile’s newsletter.

Illustrations for Ello Mobile

Nov 11, 2014

Illustrations for Ello Mobile.

here are the complete atoleiros battle

Oct 1, 2014

Here are the complete Atoleiros Battle Interpretation Centre Storyboards, tagged for those interested in the history of Portugal —

Minimal line test

Sep 26, 2014

minimal line test — digital drawing

Ello Mobile June 2014 newsletter

Jun 27, 2014

Rough for Ello Mobile June’s newsletter.

Limburg Landschap illustratie

Jun 23, 2014

Illustrations for Ello Mobile’s Steun Limburg Landschap project.

Ello Mobile Limburg Landschap illustratie

Jun 9, 2014

Ello Mobile’s Limburg Landschap illustratie.

Spring time change

Mar 30, 2014

Spring time change — inked drawing for Ello Mobile’s Facebook page.

Earth day

Mar 29, 2014

Inked drawing for Ello Mobile’s Facebook page.

Ello Mobile March 2014 newsletter

Mar 19, 2014

Ello Mobile — March 2014 newsletter, completed and inked, based on earlier rough.

Newsletter illustration

Mar 15, 2014

rough Sketches ink The latest Ello Mobile newsletter Illustration — Ello let you donates to 8 different charities while you talk, text or browse on your phone.


Mar 11, 2014

Manga Studio inking.

Colour test

Feb 22, 2014

Colour test — watercolour on paper.

Ello newsletter Feb 2014

Feb 4, 2014

Ello Mobile’s newsletter for February 2014 — rough and vector Illustration.

Character concept

Jan 23, 2014

Vectors IllustrationCollage. Modelled in SculpeyCharacter concept. Note on working in multiple styles in Illustration.


Jan 15, 2014


rough vector Illustration done for luon

Jan 14, 2014

Rough & vector Illustration done for LUON.

characters colour test

Jan 12, 2014

Characters — colour test.

Title Design Illustration sketch

Jan 8, 2014

Title design for a Japanese Documentary — draft.

Rough and illustration for Ello Mobile

Dec 28, 2013

Rough and Illustration for Ello Mobile 2012 wishes.

Reindeer, Rabbit, Santa

Dec 24, 2013

Rough and Illustration for Ello Mobile Season Greetings Newsletter.

DG Trade

Dec 23, 2013

EU Trade Policy explained in animated drawings. Watch the animation here. Production: Benuts Agency: ESN


Dec 18, 2013

Character placement, line and ink in Manga Studio 4, colour in Photoshop.

Double page from sketchbooks

Nov 27, 2013

Double page from Sketchbooks.

preparatory Sketches for Illustrations client

Nov 19, 2013

Preparatory Sketches for Illustrations. Client: WeightCare Agency: LUON

Ello Mobile Autumn newsletter rough proposals

Oct 4, 2013

Ello Mobile Autumn newsletter — rough proposals and final Illustrations.

Illustration test

Oct 3, 2013

Illustration test for Artevent.

Before the battle

Sep 25, 2013

Second position at Aljubarrota just before battle, extracted from audio guides animated Illustration series. Project design: Maverick ICS Client: Battle of Aljubarrota Interpretation Centre (CIBA), Portugal.

Rocket propelled rabbit

Sep 20, 2013

Rough from Sketchbooks.Final ink in Manga Studio Ello Mobile’s rocket propelled rabbit.

Old cartoon about telecom competitors

Sep 6, 2013

An old cartoon about telecom competitors drawn for the CEO of BASE KPN while working at Brandhome.

Moebius tribute

Aug 27, 2013

Moebius Tribute.

Geen komkommertijd

Aug 13, 2013

Last week I was asked to illustrate an interesting Flemish expression for Ello Mobile: “geen komkommertijd in Ello-land! beet van de naald” I didn’t quite know what it could mean,...

Title Design study

Aug 13, 2013

A Violinist in High Heels- Title Design study for a a documentary about violinist Mayu Kishima. images

Ello Mobile balance sheet 2011

Aug 12, 2013

An Illustration for Ello Mobile’s 2011 financial results; the rough proposal and the final inked drawing.

Austrian Mobility Forum

Aug 11, 2013

Austrian Mobility Forum - poster rough layout.

Riding the wave

Jul 28, 2013

Rough Ello rabbit sketch & inked line for an Ello Mobile Illustration.

Title Design

May 30, 2013

Title design first draft for a Japanese documentary.

14th century knight

Apr 17, 2013

14th century knight; still image from animatic.

Portuguese noblility

Mar 24, 2013

Portuguese nobility.

Pen and ink illustration for an exhibition

Mar 22, 2013

Pen and ink Illustration for an exhibition praxinoscope

Plane sketch

Mar 15, 2013

Sketch drawn in the plane

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