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Storyboards music

Feb 20, 2014

Shooting Storyboards

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old Storyboards frame scan

Feb 19, 2014

Old Storyboards frame scan.

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Lower prices!

Feb 18, 2014

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Feb 17, 2014

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Fashion Illustration

Feb 16, 2014

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Scrapbook sketch

Feb 15, 2014

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Double projection

Feb 14, 2014

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aljubarrota battle his outnumbered troops needed

Feb 13, 2014

Aljubarrota battle — his outnumbered troops needed at the front, John I of Portugal ordered to kill all knight prisoners on the spot and went on to fight the approaching...

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Storyboards cronistas

Feb 12, 2014

Cronistas — Storyboards for audio guide. Don Juan Castela and his troops fleeing after being defeated at Aljubarrota.

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Architecture sketch

Feb 11, 2014

Architecture sketch.

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no title

Feb 10, 2014

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rough sketch

Feb 9, 2014

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