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Storyboards, drawings, sketches and concept illustrations accumulated in the drawers

Catwalk set design

Oct 29, 2015

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Oct 28, 2015

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Oct 19, 2015

concept-Illustration: Run. Gouache on paper.

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Storyboarding in vectors

Oct 11, 2015

Storyboarding in Adobe Illustrator

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rough Storyboards

Oct 11, 2015

Rough Storyboards.

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unused shots for a commercial

Oct 8, 2015

Unused shots for a commercial.

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Oct 5, 2015

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Oct 4, 2015

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Oct 3, 2015

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concept sketch for a sculpture

Oct 2, 2015

Concept sketch for a sculpture.

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La Mort

Oct 1, 2015

La Mort se penchant sur la Grand-Place.

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Tempo Team

Sep 30, 2015

Vedior rebranding TVC storyboard Agency: Brandhome Antwerp Client: Randstadt/Tempo Team

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