Apple Pages Japanese anime storyboard template for 16:9 aspect ratio

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This is an anime storyboard template for DIN A4 vertical (portrait) page ready to use. You can edit this .template file with Pages, the free Apple productivity app. Designed for anime storyboards, with 5 frames per sheet, each frame sets an exact 16:9 aspect ratio space for pictures. The layout draws inspiration from the excellent Studio Ghibli storyboards.


  • カット indicates cuts. Use it to number your shots in the first column.
  • 画面 stands for the picture screen, in the second column. That’s where you draw or place your storyboard shots.
  • 内容 is for for content, use this space for your notes (dialogue, action, etc.)
  • indicates the duration of your shots in seconds.

To get started, just change the text and drop your pictures into the placeholder frames. To add a page, click on the (+ sign) Add Page above the left navigation panel. To change a given page’s master, use the right navigation panel (under Format).

To change pagination, go to Format, then Page Numbering. You can easily change the template to make it your own. Fill in the header, add your credit and project details, add your production title or your logo. Your layout will be ready to export for print or screen in no time.

FYI: The document size is a 21 x 30cm vertical sheet, about the size of a DIN A4 sheet. The body text font is Avenir Light,10 points with single line spacing. You’ll find different typographic styles in the Format panel.

Note that you need the Avenir typeface license to use this template.

If you need storyboards arrows & icons, you can get some for free here:

This template is ideal to design quick anime storyboard layouts and will help you create beautiful presentations!

Similar versions of his template are available for different screen sizes.

For 2.00:1 aspect ratio:

For 1.85:1 :

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