InDesign Japanese anime storyboard template for 2:1 aspect ratio

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HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE: This is an anime storyboard template on DIN A4 vertical (portrait) page for 2:1 aspect ratio (Univisium) storyboards, with 5 frames per sheet. This layout draws inspiration from the beautiful Studio Ghibli layouts. You can either edit this storyboard template with Adobe InDesign or print the blank one out to work on paper, the old school way (no cheating).


  • The first column, カット indicates cuts. Use it to number your shots.

  • The second and main column is 画面 which stands for the picture screen. That’s where you draw or place your storyboard shots.

  • 内容 stands for content, use this space for your notes (dialogue, action, etc.)

  • The last column, is for annotating the duration of your shots in seconds.

Only duplicate the pages you want to use. To import your drawings, place your pictures into the frames that belong to the Images layer. You can use the Rule of Thirds guides in the locked layer to help you frame your compositions as you see fit. Use the Text layer for your notes. Change the template to make it your own. Fill in the header, add your credits and project details, put your production title or logo. And your presentation is now ready for print or screens.

IDML (InDesign Markup) format is compatible with all InDesign versions from CS4 to CC 2019.

FYI: Since the document grid corresponds to the 2:1 aspect ratio, you can build variations with ease. The smallest module is 24 by 12 points. Its height matches the document body text’s leading. Use the Page-Master for pagination, or None for a clean sheet.

You need the font Avenir installed on your machine for this template to work properly.

This template will save you time and help you design beautiful storyboards.

You can get the free version of this template in PDF here:

You can get the english version of this template here:

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