Free PDF Storyboard Template for 16:9 films

Get this template!

A free PDF storyboard template for 16:9 (1.77:1) aspect ratio films, ready to print and awaiting for your drawings and notes.

This template has three DIN A4 vertical sheets. The first page has a 4 frames column facing dotted lines left blank for notes. The second page is the same except notes are first. The third page has 8 blank frames.

If you still draw on paper and need to storyboard a film in scope format, this template is for you.

Print it out to draw on paper, the old school way, or import it into Adobe Photoshop, and use the template to frame your work in multiply mode and draw your storyboard on a new layer underneath it.

If you want a similar template with more options, go to to get the editable Adobe InDesign version.

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