Free Japanese Anime storyboard template 2.39:1 (scope)

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Here is a free anime storyboard template in PDF format on DIN A4 vertical (portrait) page, ready for print. This template comes in two pages with seven frames per sheet, each in scope (2.39.1 ) aspect ratio. The first page has a custom storyboard logo, the second lets you write your production details. This template’s layout draws inspiration from the exceptional Studio Ghibli storyboards.


  • The first column カット indicates cuts. Use it to number your shots—you can have several pictures per shot.
  • The second column is 画面, which stands for the screen. That’s where you draw or place your pictures.
  • 内容 stands for content, use this space for your notes (dialogue, action, etc.)
  • The last column, , is for annotating the duration of your shots in seconds.

You can print it out and start drawing on paper right away. That is the way to do it!

But that’s not the only way: you can also import the template into Photoshop, set the template layer to multiply mode, and start drawing on a layer beneath it.

You can find the (free) English version of this template here:

If you need an editable version of this template, you can find the Adobe InDesign version here:

or, if you prefer, the Apple Pages version here: (soon)

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