Free storyboard template (scope) 6 frames

The template overview in Acrobat Reader, ready for storyboards.

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Free PDF Storyboard Template for 2.39:1 aspect ratio (scope) 6 frames on DIN A4 horizontal

If you draw on paper and need to storyboard a film in scope format, this free PDF storyboard template is for you.

This template has six DIN A4 horizontal sheets with six frames per page, in 2.39:1 aspect ratio films (scope format), ready to use, awaiting you to draw.

You can print it out and start drawing on paper. Another way you can use this template: open it in Photoshop, choose crop to Art Box or Crop Box in Import PDF > Page options and draw your board on a new blank layer.

You can get an editable version of this template for Procreate here:

A vertical variation of this template, with twelve frames per page, is available in PDF:

There is also a desktop publishing version of this template for InDesign, with much more variations and choices available here: (soon).

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