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This is a flexible Apple Keynote theme for Storyboards, in 2.39:1 ratio—the actual ratio for 2.35:1 or “Scope”, and sometimes also referred to as 2.40. DIN A4 landscape format with flexible layout: chose your desired frame number per page (1, 4, 6, 9, 12 or 16), whether you use text or not, page numbering, scenes and shot numbers. Some pages have SFX boxes to indicate extra notes for post production, about sound, stunt, light, and so on. Use Show Guides if you want to use rule of thirds. There are also a number of vector arrows located in the last template pages. Copy an arrow and paste it into your document to indicate camera move, movement within the shot and other directions. Meed more arrows are available for free at https://gum.co/storyboard-arrows.

This template will help you design quick film Storyboards layouts.

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