Japanese anime storyboard templates

Would you like to draw Storyboards like Hayao Miyazaki?

If so, get these Japanese anime storyboard templates for a start.

These are 2 free anime Storyboards templates on DIN A4 vertical (portrait) page in PDF format, ready for print. The layout has 5 frames per sheet. Each Storyboards frame sets an exact 1.85:1 aspect ratio (Widescreen) white space for pictures. This layout is drawing inspiration from the amazing Studio Ghibli Storyboards.

The first PDF template is a clean sheet with the frames and boxes. The second, pictured here, has dotted lines for a production title in the header, and for numbering your pages in the footer.

Print it out as it is to work on paper, the old school way (no cheating).


The first column, カット indicates cuts. Use it to number your shots.

The second and main column is 画面 which stands for screen. That’s where you draw or place your pictures.

内容 stands for content, use this space for your notes (dialogue, action, etc.)

The last column, 秒 is for annotating the duration of your shots in seconds.

If you like to draw your Storyboards on paper* and need to work within 1.85:1 ratio, this template will save you time and help you design beautiful anime Storyboards!

Take me to this free anime Storyboards template!

* There is an InDesign version of the template available in the shop as well.

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